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At Bona Fido's we pride ourselves in providing a pleasant cheerful daily experience for your furry friend to enjoy, our playground boasts many fun activities and challenges to stimulate our guests so that they enjoy every moment they spend with us.

Our playground is secure, safe and provides plentiful shade and places of privacy should your dog like to chew on a bone under a tree or dig in the sandpit, Swim in our paddling pools or simply enjoy our various small dog friendly playground props.

Your dog will learn to make friends, build confidence, socialize and play with the wide variety of small dogs which stay with us on a daily basis. Cuddles and affection are provided as a staple and all dogs are treated with equal importance.

Dogs within our playground are under constant supervision and we have a "time out" area for those who may need a little rest from all the action.

For those wintry days when it is unpleasant we have a furnished lounge with television, couches and a bed for those special dogs who enjoy a sleep on a "real" bed. Once again clients dogs are under constant supervision.

Our competitive rates make Bona Fidos Doggie Daycare a premier choice for all small dogs and owners alike, we take pride in the presentation of our facility and invite viewing by appointment.

It is important for your dog’s well-being and development to improve your dogs behavior, social skills and have access to daily exercise with interaction of people and other dogs.

Due to heavy work demands and a busy lifestyles, we find ourselves with less time to dedicate to our furry friend, sometimes leaving them home alone for hours on end.  Separation anxiety, stress, boredom and destructive behavior, including excessive barking can be all forms of a dog left home alone and lonely!

Here Bona Fido's Doggie Daycare your dog will make friends that they look forward to seeing and have a crazy time playing about with Tony he is a big kid himself, he plays easy listening music and sings to the dogs.

We have toys, water, sand and bubbles on beautifully kept playground area, with plenty of room to play chase.

All dogs receive a morning and afternoon tea. Treats of bones and yum yums are given throughout the day.
You are more than welcome to bring a your own dogs play lunch.  

We request that you fill out your dogs information folder on your first day. This can be taken away and returned once completed.

All dogs must enter Bona Fido's wearing a collar with name tag.

Please walk your dog in on a lead once out of your car for safety reasons.

All dogs are never left unsupervised and will be returned to you a much happier and tired !